Watching Run on Netflix. 

Starring Lennie James (who previously played DCI Tony Gates in Line of Duty) and Olivia Colman ( who played Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller in Broadchurch. Two of my favorite tv series. 

Image credit: wikipedia

I like very much seeing urban scenes like social housing, trains and daily commuting, parks, backyards, interior designs in small apartments. This makes me feel real and much connected to the story snd the characters. 

And Run gives me that. 


Kuzguncuk is a historical district located on the Asian side of Bosphorus. It was a place whene non-Muslim communities reside. There are churches and synagogue in the district.

But, I remember Kuzguncuk mostly with TV series like Perihan Abla and Ekmek Teknesi. Recently with openings of coffee shops, book stores, art galleries and gurme cafes the district turned out to a touristic attraction point more than ever.

Here are some photopgraphs, all by me. I liked you very much Kuzguncuk. I will come and visit you again and again.



The Crown

Thanks to Netflix, I can watch successive episodes of tv series in a row. This attitude of watching hours of tv series or movie series- like the LOTR triology- is called ‘marathon’ and may sometimes cover seasons. This makes me move into the time and space that show is all about, mentally if not physically. 

My recent fave is The Crown, which is about Elizabeth II’s becoming the Queen of England. As I like British accent very much this tv series is just for me. 

Like Marseilles, Borgen and House of Cards, The Crown is also a political drama. So I’m officially a political drama fan. 
Matt Smith who is mostly known as Dr Who,now plays Prince Philip. Be ready to forget about him playing Dr Who because after watching the series you will certainly forget those days. 

John Lithgow plays Churchill. I guess he will be remembered with this as well. One can hardly distinguish if the series is on Churchill or the Queen. 
Hans Zimmer’s music is just filling the gaps softly but effectively. He is certainly my favorite when it comes to movie soundtrack

Home made kefir

Kefir is a yogurt like drink which is claimed to extend life.

Although it is an old Turkish drink ( like yogurt from Middle Asia), I first tasted it in the Netherlands by mistake. In the Dutch language kefir is karnemelk which made me think it is some form of milk (diet, low fat etc) . Then I started drinking kefir on a daily basis as I used to have it in the breakfast with cornflakes.

When I returned from my phd study back to Ankara, I found kefir available in some of the supermarkets. I’m not sure if it was available before 2006. 

Since 2005 I drink kefir almost everyday. If I dont have it in the refrigerator I kinda feel myself uncomfortable. Together with my daughter we consume almost 3-4 litres of kefir weekly ( in addition to 3 litres of home made yogurt).

Yesterday I bought kefir yeast from Migros. My first home made kefir turned out to be fantastic. Cant be sure if I can manage to do 4 litres per week myself, but I liked the idea that I could make it work. 


This is my 4th post on Fethiye. Initial ones reflected my Bodrum ambition and thus a bit undervalued the beauty of Fethiye. 

This post can be accepted as an apology. I am currently evolving to become a Fethiye fan I suppose:) think of a clear bluegreen sea with almost no waves at all. Lots of fish swimming with you. You are unconnected from real world. 

Marseilles vs Borgen 

Time for Netflix original tv show Marseilles

I’m normally not fond of politics. Only watch morning news, Rarely listen politicians’ speeches. But  when it comes to tv shows it turns out that I like pilitical dramas.

My faves are Borgen from Denmark and now Marseilles from France.

Firstly I love European cities. Movies and tv series tell much about the life styles, living habits and urban environs which I am specificallt curious as an urban planner.

Both tv shows involve the effect of media and political advisors in election campaigns. In both of them people very close to the president/mayor betray them. Bargaining power and negotiations have crucial roles

During watching Borgen I was like lving in Copenhagen. It was always dark, rainy, cold- which I like a lot. Modernist Architecture dominates the city. Houses were small and decorated in minimalist style. Typical Scandinavia:) People had busy lives, individualism could be the best word to describe people living there. They liked coffee and bicycles which I already know from my university town Groningen (northern Nerherlands).

I feell like Marseilles is not a busy town as Copanhagen was. Typical north-south differences:) while watching Marseilles, Mediterranean sea and sun warmed me. It is always shining. People drink red wine and eat fine food rather than having a quick Danish bakery -coffee or fish and potatoes.

As for Architecture, presenting aerial footage impressed me. (Previous )Social housing are currently occupied by migrants and these areas are more like slums now. I am surprised to see that. But , there are lots of historical buildings in Marseilles. Nice gardens. Beautiful.

Anyhow, Visiting Southern France could be on top of list for next year’s to do list:)
PS: Copenhagen is still the place I want live and it seems nothing will ever change that.