Ayvalık 2017

Zeytin Arası Apart Hotel

Nice and cozy place 

Food is not so good but when you are hungry after swimming it is ok

Küçükköy- yeniçarohori

A small village located on Ayvalık- Izmir Road which recently turned into an art village with cafes, art ateliers

Badavut; in the protected natural area a nice bay  with almost no waves. Although hotels are built in the seaside, you can swim anywhere

Cunda-Alibey Island

Most lively place in Ayvalık offering a lot of nice sea food restaurants 

Aqua Florya -Akmerkez

Old shopping malls definitely are located in more accessible areas of the cities. (Akmerkez for instance). Yet, trends change quickly and people ask for new functions, new spaces within malls. Newer parking spaces are bigger for instance. Some malls have family parking spaces specially reserved for families (Like IKEA). In addition to WC for handicapped people there are now Family rooms and Baby rooms.

If older shopping malls fail to offer such special spaces they can not compete with new ones no matter they are very very accessible-very very central. The adaptation process can be long and yet certainly promising.

Aqua Florya made me feel I am still in the beginning of 2000s. Although it was not very crowded, there was this feeling of being stuck. There was no WC on the ground floor (not acceptable on any terms!) and in the up stairs we had to use WC for handicapped persons as I was with my daughter (it is spacious so I tend to use it when there is no family room).  With a unique view of Marmara Sea and exciting view of landing airplanes, Aqua Park disappointed me.


I find Akmerkez successful in terms of this adaptation process. With brand new stores, and renewed food court, it is much more better. One can not increase the height of the ceilings in an already built up shopping mall (not easily) but you may change the perception.


TV Series, Cities, housing, inspirations

Seeing the urban scenes even from TV tells me much about that city, living conditions and cultural habits. I’m especially fond of European Tv series in this respect. In Borgen, it was the small flats where living, working and sleeping spaces were successfully and efficiently solved that impressed me. Even the Prime Minister was living in a modest house. In Marseilles, the effect of climate was obvious in living conditions. And there were many scenes from high rise blocks of social housing where mostly immigrants and low income groups lived.

In Luther, a BBC drama, council estates of London were used frequently. This time I noticed open air corridors (exterior corridors) are certainly a characteristic of those estates (I guess of the 1970s or 1980s).


After a quick research I found this was mostly used in mild climates like Miami and Hong Kong as well.