Travel The World From Your Web Browser With This Beautiful Instagram Hack


French hacker Benjamin Netter recently released a cool hack called Somewhere, an addictive jukebox machine for travel destinations using Instagram, Foursquare and Wikipedia data — the most impressive part of this simple hack is that people are spending 13 minutes on average on the website.

“While working on Tripovore, I realized that Instagram pictures were much better than professional photos to feel the atmosphere of a place” Netter told me. “I thought that it would be incredible to travel through other people’s eyes.”

Every time Netter stumbles upon a beautiful place on the web, like an abandoned city, a desert or an incredible oceanic trench , he adds the name to Somewhere’s database.

Then, his script will automatically crawl around 150 Instagram pictures from this particular location. Thanks to a facial recognition algorithm, the script excludes selfies — selfies represent a good chunk of the photos taken…

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