Origins of us 3

We are the Only animal on the planet which show whites of their eyes.

Reading minds understanding others and share knowledge are unique to us

Learning to make tools
Extend environments for more different food
Protect themselves
Stone age culture gave us to make tools and share knowledge
It is not for sharing but development of language itself requires ability if symbolic thought and abstraction
There is a price for big brain : birth
This is why humans need help for birth
Our brains are relatively immature big enough to be born
Child care
Help of grandma and grandpa, longer life
These relations helped population increase
We Colonized the world
In every part of the world there were other human species
Neanderthals for instance became extinct even though they had similar brain size
Gorham cave was the last place they lived
Modern human population increased while neanderthals disappeared from Europe
By Inventing farming, creating technologies we mechanized, urbanized and colonized the world
Population growth enabled more ideas being shared, competing with each other, more inventions and innovations are created. This is cultural evolution
Cultural evolution


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