Very sorry to hear that. There are a lot of things being said in public, on Tv and internet. I just hope the number of death miners would not increase.

Once I was in Zonguldak, another town in Turkey, economically dependent on mining industry. As a part of planning studio course at METU, this site trip had affected me very much. We had a chance to enter a mine which was not used at the moment. (Actually except me, all the students entered). I could not find the courage to go in there. Of course this mine was more like a tunnel on the surface level used as a ‘showroom’. It was used to demonstrate to strangers what happens in mines.

Now I think of those Soma miners waiting for rescue teams in the dark, very dark corridors under almost 1000 meters of surface. I then recall that I could not go in a mine gallery which was just like a tunnel on the surface. So I feel very very sorry for them. I wish a better and healthier work environment could have been created for them.

I tried to understand the scene of the accident. Yet, I could not find a plan of the mine in the Turkish sources. The following scheme gives an idea.


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