How did spatial distribution of shops affect my style?

I love Zara. When there were no malls and we used to go to Kizilay for shopping, Zara was a great choice. Yet, when many malls began opening, going to Kizilay as a habit disappeared. I began shopping mostly from Cepa and Kentpark Malls where there were no Zara stores.

My style adapted to this quickly. Tuzun, Ipekyol, Twist and Park Bravo became new choices for me.

I totally forgot about Zara.

Now as I moved to Istanbul Zara became a star again. In Palladium and Brandium there are no Tuzun and Park Bravo. Plus, Zara in Palladium is quite large with women men and kids departments ( kids department is another favorite). So good bye to them and Welcome back Zara!


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