@Fener Beach, Samsun

I was born in December and I love winter very much. Fond of snow actually.

Yet, without a shiny summer time, no winter can make me happy.

We used to go to Bodrum for years for our summer holidays. Usually family members like to spend more time for breakfast. I am the early bird who just have cornflakes for breakfast and run for the beach. I had a task to accomplish: to reserve ‘chaise longue’ for other members of the family. Of course I had a prize in return: morning coffee!

Nothing equals to that instant coffee I drink at the beach. A cool breezy weather accompanies my reading ritual. Taking notes, making plans for work and social lives recharges me.



Only after I became satisfied with sunshine, I become ready for winter. When we return home I like to see a/w collections in fashion stores. This is a remark revealing that summer is over. I then become excited again, but this time for winter and work!

I am now @ Fener Beach, Samsun. Here comes a photo:



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