Time Space Compression

As an urban Planner, David Harvey’s Time-Space Compression was one of number 1 theories in our undergrad education which helps us to explain contemporary urban relations and lives.  As described in Wikipedia:


              ‘Time–space compression often occurs as a result of technological innovations that condense or elide spatial and      temporal distances, including technologies of communication (telegraph, telephones, fax machines, Internet), travel (rail, cars, trains, jets), and economics (the need to overcome spatial barriers, open up new markets, speed up production cycles, and reduce the turnover time of capital).’


I would like add to that, you can have time-space compression only by watching a decent movie in the theatre. When you go out, you may find yourself trying to acknowledge which time of the year you are in, or where exactly you were on earth. A good movie does this easily. No kidding. A most wanted man made me feel this way. Again, RIP Seymour Hoffman. 



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