New routine

A busy work life has just started.
Mornings start with a chaos: I need to make my daughter ready for the daycare and drop her off there. She has her breakfast there so I do not need to prepare somethings for her. I have a limited time to get dressed for work and grab something for breakfast ( this is a small toast or cornflakes but nothing more). I do not find time to eat on certain days.

Then the great journey starts: I drive to a subway station near to us and park my car. But there can be quite a distance to the station and it can take 20 minutes to get on the train. ( as the closer parking lots are already occupied by early birds). Today I was lucky so it took just 650 steps! ( around .5 km)

Then I exchange in the next third station to Metrobus. This is something terrific to experience: I believe this could be the longest distance in an interchange station in the world. With ups and downs, you go out then inside then upstairs etc and finally reach the platform to wait for the metrobus. I feel like I walk from international flights terminal to domestic flights terminal at Ataturk Airport! Today I calculated with my pedometer: it took 1200 steps. ( around 1 km)

The line I use is not frequent and if I dont wait for that I need to make another exchange ( this time just get on to the bus waiting in front). But if I wait, then it is more probable that I will not be able to sit during the journey as it is usually full.

In any way, Metrobus leads me to the nearest station. But I need another walking activity there about 10 minutes which is downwards when I come and upwards when I go.

So when I arrive at work I could be exhausted.

I try not to focus on this part, rather try to see a better picture. Firstly, I can grab my coffee and somethings to eat after I park my car. ( Starbucks or Barnie’s) This makes me feel I am in New York City:). Lucky me! Secondly metro and metrobus are both new and clean which makes your journey nicer. I can not think of doing the same length journey by bus. I also like seeing young people read in the subway even when they are standing. Plus, it is nice to see people stand on the righthand side in the escalators allowing others who are in a hurry. It took some time to be learnt and accepted by many.

In addition, I see the blue Bosphorus every single day (twice actually) which is worth everything.

A distant photo ( I was standing so I could not focus )



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