Sickness, movies and iPad

I was sick for the whole weekend. Plus I was alone at home with my daughter. My only pastime activity was watching movies.

Thanks to Digiturk I watched ‘No country for old men’ (again) and Star Trek ( for the first time) on MovieMax Oscars Hd. I loved Coen Brothers and Benedict Cumberbatch once more.

And when it comes to my iPad, I finally finished watching first season of Bron/Broen, online. Then I started Fortitude.
First one is set on Malmo and Copenhagen. It is a story on a murder which took place on the bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark. Second one is set on Norway. Again there is a murder on an island where secure life is guaranteed!!!!

In European Tv series, I am very fond of cityscapes. I like day and night views of cities, seeing images of buildings and people of that country. And the language…. British accent already charms me. If Danish and Swedish in the case of Bron/ Broen, I also like hearing. Music is lovely:

Polar bears rock:

So I was at home physically but I went to grey and cold Scandinavia, this weekend.


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