Reformer vs mat pilates

Pilates has been my favorite friend of all times. Since I met in 2003, we were close even there were breaks. Never disappointed me, never left me alone. So mat pilates is just made for me! 

However I did find equipment pilates distant and certsinly inconvenient for me. I thought it was like a completely different physical  activity. How could it substitute for my beloved mat pilates?  

Now after 12 years, I changed my mind. I can not believe what I was thinking just two weeks before:)

Reformer is like you are getting a massage while in fact you are making the best physical activity ever. Mat pilates in this sense is like stretching. Reformer does not make you tired during the session, but the next day you understand the real effort you have made. 

So Thanks to Joseph Pilates. In contemporary world my two of best friends are his works. 


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