Black-out in Turkey

Last week in Turkey there was a massive black out in whole country affecting 76 million people.

I, once more, understood how we became addicted to and dependent on electricity and internet.  Mobile phone connections suffered from disruptions. Traffic lights did not work leading to traffic jams. Heating systems could not be used.

Luckily both at home and at work we have electric generator. But at the daycare of my daughter there was some problems about heating that worried me.  I left work early in order to avoid possible traffic problems (I was prepared from the snow storm that you should leave early on such days. you can never imagine how bad it would be in Istanbul). I witnessed one of the worst traffic congestions on the opposite direction. I believe their journey to cross the bridge would take at least 4 hours which is 2 times longer than the peak hour commute.  Besides seeing that number of people on the road made me think of American Movies where lots of people hit the road, after an extraterrestrial attack!

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Istanbul can be scary when you think of the number of people living there. Living in Istanbul, working in the one side of the city and living in the other is exhausting.  Snow storm of January is another post`s topic. Today`s rain and wind storm is also on my list to post about.


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