The Movie Interstellar made me think on Space! Interstellar made me think how small I am in the outer space.

Christopher Nolan is a genius, his movies are on my top 10.

(Spoiler alert!!!!!)

In Interstellar there are crucial examples and questions on life on other planets.

* 12 planets are examined in the scenario and indeed water is found on one of them (miller’s planet). Water is source of life, isn’t it? But did you ever think of huge waves -5 km in height? there is water but you can not still live there.

*Time Relativity….. Time-space relation. During the space journey in Black holes they spent 7 years per hour on Earth. Decades pass if they linger a bit.

*Time can squeeze and stretch but can not be rewind.

*And 5 dimensional world, an evolved human race into this 5 dimensional world out of our planet Earth….

* Our survival instinct is the key to this success and colonization.


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