Fethiye vs Bodrum

Bodrum is my favorite summer destination of all times. I love it because you can find anything you want: serenity (Gumusluk), luxury (Palmarina), pubs and discos (Gumbet), seaside town(Yalikavak), cold blue sea (Torba), Turkish celebrities (Turkbuku), 5 star all inclusive hotels, city hotels, boutique hotels, village breakfast, night concerts at ancient theatre and Halicarnas disco, sunshine, beaches with pebbles, cool windy nights……

This year we made an exception and decided to go to Fethiye. I have been to Fethiye when I was a kid and I remember very well the hotel, the pool and the blue cruise. The hotel was above average and the food was fabulous (Duck, sushi, crab, Jumbo shrimp, calamari etc..). My daughter enjoyed strawberry ice cream twice a day. Attempts to avoiding animation shows were not successful but in the end I liked them 🙂

I know from my blue cruise of years ago that sea was fantastic in Fethiye (actually my favorite ‘sea region’ starts from Bodrum in the north and ends in Kemer in the south, which includes Kaş-Marmaris and Fethiye). But when it comes to go swimming in the hotel beach……. Noo, this can not be comparable with Bodrum’s sea. Frankly, I was disappointed.

Humidity made me feel uncomfortable. There was almost no wind even when you go by the seaside. this can rarely happen in Bodrum. Bodrum is cooler at days/nights.

All inclusive style exhausted me.

Last night we went to centrum to buy some souvenirs and pay a visit to marina. I was shocked to see that it is an ordinary town which lacked livability. Can not be acceptable.

Conclusion: One must never compare  Bodrum with somewhere else. And I am certainly a Bodrum kinda girl.


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