Recently I started watching Wolf Hall, a BBC drama. I like BBC dramas much and this one did not disappointed me as well.
It is about Thomas Cromwell, a famous advocate during Henry Tudor dynasty.
I very much like the story telling, casting and the music. Especially Mark Dylance’s performance worths mentioning. I am sorry I did not meet him before.

And Thomas More, whom I know from my city planning education as the author of Utopia.. I had knew him almost this much and Wolf Hall literally enlightened me about his life story.
He was arrested on treason and then was executed by decapitation.!!!!!!! Main theme of Part 4 was that story which made me feel sorrow. Anton Lesser’s performance is great.

And Bernard Hill whom I know from LOTR plays Uncle of Anne Boleyn.

I did not finish watching all so I will come to Thomas Cromwell later on another post.

Photo credit: BBC

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