To do list in 2016

Making plans keep me motivated. Preparing this list makes me feel all is going to be true in the coming year. 

To have dinner (quail meat) and dessert (mille-feuille) at Nicole Restaurant, in Beyoglu

To purchase matte red rouge ( YSL most probably)

To plan another trip to Scandinavia 

Norway? Lofoten Opera Hotel? 


To visit sis E in NYC with D and G

To purchase Nigella’s knife set from with animal prints from

To re-register D to mini- ballet classes 

To have more Mother-daughter activities and trips 

To go to Canary islands or Sicily for summer holiday

To purchase a house in Bodrum (this is more like a wish of course!)

To spend more family time for leisure activities like concerts, sport activities ( Ulker Sports Arena of Fenerbahce is just 5 minutes to us), etc

To spend summer vacation (2) in Bodrum Mandarin Hotel and visit Kos island

To have more pilates in my life

To eat healthier and greener

To start skiing again

To read more on world history: everything we talk today stems from history

To read ( not only watch) Sherlock – of course in English!

To spend more time on my blogs

To start my dream job in design and fashion


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