I love design and Apple products are just made for me. I must admit I am not a technology geek by the way. I mostly use my iphone for social media ( except for calling, texting and checking emails of course). I also like to check out my daily activity on my Apple watch who(!) notifies me to stand up during the day. We became like friends and when I do not wear it, I feel something’s missing. 

Everyday I discover something new which makes me excited. Today I was surprised to see how news app was transformed into something I was looking for. 

Now I’ve just found my new iphone activity in the coming weeks untill I discover another beauty of Apple design mentality. 

Here is a passage from what I have just read on the news app:

The highest-ranked player Nadal has played this week in Doha is No. 66 Robin Haase, while Djokovic’s path to the final has gone through No. 49 Fernando Verdasco, No. 35 Leonardo Mayer and No. 6 Berdych. 

And another:

Most people I spoke to in Tromsø were actually looking forward to the winter. They spoke enthusiastically about the ski season. They loved the opportunities for cosiness provided by the winter months.


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