My Northern Obsession

I love winter, cold and snowy weather, sweaters, beanies, and coats. I adore winter-sun which even does not makes you warm.

I am also fond of Northern European Countries and their life-styles, design attitudes and cultures. I watched almost all Scandinavian TV series avaliable and I am a huge fan of Borgen, and Forbrydelsen.

Last autumn we went to Copenhagen and enjoyed very much. The hotel (Ascot Apartments) served free coffee at the lobby all the time. Before we go out I could grab my take away coffee (See, I can be happy with small things).



We stayed at family rooms with a kitchen, living room and bedroom, which provided us prepare and enjoy appetizers at nights while watching people riding their biycles from our large window.




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This year  I plan to go to Stockholm. I wish not to be later than November (as we have a 4-year old daughter who does not like cold weather) but in any case I will certainly love this journey.

Now I share my preliminary study on Stockholm visit:


My favorite is Nordic hotel chain : Scandic hotels specifically Scandic continental is on top of my list.

When I go abroad, I prefer 7x 24 open lobby , breakfast included and at least4 star hotels located in the city centre.




Turkish Airline has a promotion for Septmeber: flies to Stockholm around 200 Euros.

Pegasus also flies to Stockholm but I do not like the service


Things to do:

Old town

Royal Palace

Modern Art Museum

Metro Art


Enjoy local tastes (fish soup, coffee and pastry, princess cake)

Shopping (coffee, souvenir and food)


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