Home made kefir

Kefir is a yogurt like drink which is claimed to extend life.

Although it is an old Turkish drink ( like yogurt from Middle Asia), I first tasted it in the Netherlands by mistake. In the Dutch language kefir is karnemelk which made me think it is some form of milk (diet, low fat etc) . Then I started drinking kefir on a daily basis as I used to have it in the breakfast with cornflakes.

When I returned from my phd study back to Ankara, I found kefir available in some of the supermarkets. I’m not sure if it was available before 2006. 

Since 2005 I drink kefir almost everyday. If I dont have it in the refrigerator I kinda feel myself uncomfortable. Together with my daughter we consume almost 3-4 litres of kefir weekly ( in addition to 3 litres of home made yogurt).

Yesterday I bought kefir yeast from Migros. My first home made kefir turned out to be fantastic. Cant be sure if I can manage to do 4 litres per week myself, but I liked the idea that I could make it work. 

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