The Crown

Thanks to Netflix, I can watch successive episodes of tv series in a row. This attitude of watching hours of tv series or movie series- like the LOTR triology- is called ‘marathon’ and may sometimes cover seasons. This makes me move into the time and space that show is all about, mentally if not physically. 

My recent fave is The Crown, which is about Elizabeth II’s becoming the Queen of England. As I like British accent very much this tv series is just for me. 

Like Marseilles, Borgen and House of Cards, The Crown is also a political drama. So I’m officially a political drama fan. 
Matt Smith who is mostly known as Dr Who,now plays Prince Philip. Be ready to forget about him playing Dr Who because after watching the series you will certainly forget those days. 

John Lithgow plays Churchill. I guess he will be remembered with this as well. One can hardly distinguish if the series is on Churchill or the Queen. 
Hans Zimmer’s music is just filling the gaps softly but effectively. He is certainly my favorite when it comes to movie soundtrack

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