Art is good for the soul

I admire houses with full of art pieces especially by paintings.

My new motive is collecting art pieces -of course as my budget allows. Mostly digital prints are now available signed by the artist.

In my wish list there are Mustafa Ayaz, Merve Turan, Hulya Özdemir and Zerrin Tekindor.






Time to read

Time for inspiration

Tenebrism, from the Italian, tenebroso (murky), also called dramatic illumination, is a style of painting using very pronounced chiaroscuro, where there are violent contrasts of light and dark, and where darkness becomes a dominating feature of the image.Tenebrism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Caravaggio renkleri: kursuni beyaz, okr sarisi, okr kirmizisi, ates kirmizisi, kahverengi tonlari, kursuni sari, bakir yesili, karbon siyahi…


Miro exhibition at Sabanci Museum is lovely. His works on ‘Women, Birds and Stars’ were exhibited. What a naive spirit.. He had a real talent. His works are fabulous.

I would very much like the wall rug weaved from his works. This one was exhibited in Gallery 2.


Sabanci Museum is welcoming and makes me feel excited even before I enter the galleries. When you look back in the entrance the view is like that:


Inevitably, a museum visit includes a coffee break and a stop at the museum shop. Müzedechanga is the restaurant at SSM. Although cappuccino was served in a latte glass, the taste was good (when you include the view !)


I bought a poster and the catalog book.