New year spirit

Watching Polar Express on Netflix with my little one. 


North Pole: barren, devoid of life .. I wish I could go with them


Cumberbatch and Hardy

Benedict Cumberbatch is my favorite actor. Tom Hardy is another:) 

They worked together in two movies (maybe more?) which I just discovered. 
Hardy was for me the hidden hero in Inception. Benedict I know mostly from Sherlock but I also watched his great performances in star trek and The Imitation Game. 
They both acted in “Tinker Tailor Soldier and Spy”. I missed it on Digiturk but I will definitely watch it ASAP. John Hurt (voice of Dragon in Merlin) also plays in this movie (which I wonder a lot to see him.) Toby Jobes whom I recall from The movie “Hitchcock” is also in this movie. It is like a stars parade! 
Second movie is Stuart: A Life Backwards. Hope to see it as well. 



The Movie Interstellar made me think on Space! Interstellar made me think how small I am in the outer space.

Christopher Nolan is a genius, his movies are on my top 10.

(Spoiler alert!!!!!)

In Interstellar there are crucial examples and questions on life on other planets.

* 12 planets are examined in the scenario and indeed water is found on one of them (miller’s planet). Water is source of life, isn’t it? But did you ever think of huge waves -5 km in height? there is water but you can not still live there.

*Time Relativity….. Time-space relation. During the space journey in Black holes they spent 7 years per hour on Earth. Decades pass if they linger a bit.

*Time can squeeze and stretch but can not be rewind.

*And 5 dimensional world, an evolved human race into this 5 dimensional world out of our planet Earth….

* Our survival instinct is the key to this success and colonization.

Imitation Game

I knew Alan Turing as the father of modern computers. And as Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my favorite actors, I was looking forward to watching The Imitation Game. 

I was surprised to learn his sad story. I thought he would be applaused due to his success in decoding the Enigma encryption.

I did not know enigma was decoded in the midst of the war. My impression was that as soon as the encryption was decoded, the allies won the war. Yet they kept it as a secret. They made small and unrecognizable steps towards winning the war. And another surprise for me was that knowing only two German words (heil Hitler) was enough to decode an encryption in German which is known to be unbreakable. 

Finally I am very impressed with Cumberbatch’s acting. He is gonna be the brightest star in the coming decade. 

Sickness, movies and iPad

I was sick for the whole weekend. Plus I was alone at home with my daughter. My only pastime activity was watching movies.

Thanks to Digiturk I watched ‘No country for old men’ (again) and Star Trek ( for the first time) on MovieMax Oscars Hd. I loved Coen Brothers and Benedict Cumberbatch once more.

And when it comes to my iPad, I finally finished watching first season of Bron/Broen, online. Then I started Fortitude.
First one is set on Malmo and Copenhagen. It is a story on a murder which took place on the bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark. Second one is set on Norway. Again there is a murder on an island where secure life is guaranteed!!!!

In European Tv series, I am very fond of cityscapes. I like day and night views of cities, seeing images of buildings and people of that country. And the language…. British accent already charms me. If Danish and Swedish in the case of Bron/ Broen, I also like hearing. Music is lovely:

Polar bears rock:

So I was at home physically but I went to grey and cold Scandinavia, this weekend.

Tv series and world wars

I can read forever on WWI and WWII. I can listen forever war songs. I can watch anything about them.

Here is a list of three tv series I watched last week. I strongly recommend for those who are interested in history.

1. Apocalypse WWII ( mini tv series with real footage of the war)
2. 37 Days (BBC mini tv series on the period just before the 37 days to WWI)
3. Unsere mutter unsere vater (zdf tv mini series on WWII)