Helsinki III

Social housing in the suburbs (I suppose:))


Design design design



helsinki 144

1 May Celebrations



Cold. But cool.

Quiet. But inspiring.

Grey. My fave when it comes to city colors ( and yes, cities have colors 🙂

Capital city.

Design is everywhere

I liked you Helsinki.



Kuzguncuk is a historical district located on the Asian side of Bosphorus. It was a place whene non-Muslim communities reside. There are churches and synagogue in the district.

But, I remember Kuzguncuk mostly with TV series like Perihan Abla and Ekmek Teknesi. Recently with openings of coffee shops, book stores, art galleries and gurme cafes the district turned out to a touristic attraction point more than ever.

Here are some photopgraphs, all by me. I liked you very much Kuzguncuk. I will come and visit you again and again.



My Northern Obsession

I love winter, cold and snowy weather, sweaters, beanies, and coats. I adore winter-sun which even does not makes you warm.

I am also fond of Northern European Countries and their life-styles, design attitudes and cultures. I watched almost all Scandinavian TV series avaliable and I am a huge fan of Borgen, and Forbrydelsen.

Last autumn we went to Copenhagen and enjoyed very much. The hotel (Ascot Apartments) served free coffee at the lobby all the time. Before we go out I could grab my take away coffee (See, I can be happy with small things).



We stayed at family rooms with a kitchen, living room and bedroom, which provided us prepare and enjoy appetizers at nights while watching people riding their biycles from our large window.




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This year  I plan to go to Stockholm. I wish not to be later than November (as we have a 4-year old daughter who does not like cold weather) but in any case I will certainly love this journey.

Now I share my preliminary study on Stockholm visit:


My favorite is Nordic hotel chain : Scandic hotels specifically Scandic continental is on top of my list.

When I go abroad, I prefer 7x 24 open lobby , breakfast included and at least4 star hotels located in the city centre.




Turkish Airline has a promotion for Septmeber: flies to Stockholm around 200 Euros.

Pegasus also flies to Stockholm but I do not like the service


Things to do:

Old town

Royal Palace

Modern Art Museum

Metro Art


Enjoy local tastes (fish soup, coffee and pastry, princess cake)

Shopping (coffee, souvenir and food)


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This summer

Last year  we went to Fethiye for our summer holiday. After we returned I had written three posts on


on Fethiye vs Bodrum:

on If I go to Fethiye again:


and now it turns out that we are going to Fethiye again. This time to so called best family-friendly hotel in Turkey: Hillside Beach Club. So, I can check number 1 item on the list. 🙂 But it seems we will not be  having a blue cruise.

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To do list in 2016

Making plans keep me motivated. Preparing this list makes me feel all is going to be true in the coming year. 

To have dinner (quail meat) and dessert (mille-feuille) at Nicole Restaurant, in Beyoglu

To purchase matte red rouge ( YSL most probably)

To plan another trip to Scandinavia 

Norway? Lofoten Opera Hotel? 


To visit sis E in NYC with D and G

To purchase Nigella’s knife set from with animal prints from

To re-register D to mini- ballet classes 

To have more Mother-daughter activities and trips 

To go to Canary islands or Sicily for summer holiday

To purchase a house in Bodrum (this is more like a wish of course!)

To spend more family time for leisure activities like concerts, sport activities ( Ulker Sports Arena of Fenerbahce is just 5 minutes to us), etc

To spend summer vacation (2) in Bodrum Mandarin Hotel and visit Kos island

To have more pilates in my life

To eat healthier and greener

To start skiing again

To read more on world history: everything we talk today stems from history

To read ( not only watch) Sherlock – of course in English!

To spend more time on my blogs

To start my dream job in design and fashion