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Seeing the urban scenes even from TV tells me much about that city, living conditions and cultural habits. I’m especially fond of European Tv series in this respect. In Borgen, it was the small flats where living, working and sleeping spaces were successfully and efficiently solved that impressed me. Even the Prime Minister was living in a modest house. In Marseilles, the effect of climate was obvious in living conditions. And there were many scenes from high rise blocks of social housing where mostly immigrants and low income groups lived.

In Luther, a BBC drama, council estates of London were used frequently. This time I noticed open air corridors (exterior corridors) are certainly a characteristic of those estates (I guess of the 1970s or 1980s).


After a quick research I found this was mostly used in mild climates like Miami and Hong Kong as well.




Marseilles vs Borgen 

Time for Netflix original tv show Marseilles

I’m normally not fond of politics. Only watch morning news, Rarely listen politicians’ speeches. But ¬†when it comes to tv shows it turns out that I like pilitical dramas.

My faves are Borgen from Denmark and now Marseilles from France.

Firstly I love European cities. Movies and tv series tell much about the life styles, living habits and urban environs which I am specificallt curious as an urban planner.

Both tv shows involve the effect of media and political advisors in election campaigns. In both of them people very close to the president/mayor betray them. Bargaining power and negotiations have crucial roles

During watching Borgen I was like lving in Copenhagen. It was always dark, rainy, cold- which I like a lot. Modernist Architecture dominates the city. Houses were small and decorated in minimalist style. Typical Scandinavia:) People had busy lives, individualism could be the best word to describe people living there. They liked coffee and bicycles which I already know from my university town Groningen (northern Nerherlands).

I feell like Marseilles is not a busy town as Copanhagen was. Typical north-south differences:) while watching Marseilles, Mediterranean sea and sun warmed me. It is always shining. People drink red wine and eat fine food rather than having a quick Danish bakery -coffee or fish and potatoes.

As for Architecture, presenting aerial footage impressed me. (Previous )Social housing are currently occupied by migrants and these areas are more like slums now. I am surprised to see that. But , there are lots of historical buildings in Marseilles. Nice gardens. Beautiful.

Anyhow, Visiting Southern France could be on top of list for next year’s to do list:)
PS: Copenhagen is still the place I want live and it seems nothing will ever change that.

The Night Of

The Night Of is recently on top of everyone’s list of tv series. 

I watched it as well since it has a 9.1/10 rating on IMDb. 

It is well written and well played. Jeff Russo rocks as he did also in Fargo. 

I liked his intro theme song very much

But when it comes to its IMDb score of 9.1, I must say I found it over-rated. 

It is certainly not FARGO ( 9/10 IMDb rating) 

It cannot be compared to Peaky Blinders ( 8.8/10 IMDb rating) 

Please watch this :

This is far better than The Night Of

Peaky Blinders

My recent favorite TV drama is Peaky blinders.

I strongly advice it to BBC type drama lovers. Cilian Murphy rocks. I liked him since I first met him in the movie Inception in 2010.


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† “Peaky Blinders is a gangster family epic set in Birmingham, England in 1919, ¬† ¬†just after the First World War. The story centres on the Romani Peaky Blinders¬†gang and their ambitious and highly dangerous boss Tommy Shelby (played byCillian Murphy). The gang comes to the attention of Chief Inspector Chester Campbell (played by Sam Neill), a detective in the Royal Irish Constabulary sent over from Belfast, where he had been sent to clean up the city of the IRA, gangs, and common criminals. Winston Churchill (played by Andy Nyman in series 1 and Richard McCabe in series 2) charged him with suppressing disorder and uprising in Birmingham and recovering a stolen cache of arms meant to be shipped to Libya.[4][5][6][7][8]

The second series is set two years after the first and sees “the Shelby family expand their empire South and North while maintaining a stronghold in their Birmingham heartland”.[9] It begins in 1921 and ends with a climax at Epsom racecourse on Derby Day in June 1922″.


Photo Credit: ©  BBC Mandabach/Tiger Aspect/Robert Viglasky

Peaky Blinders were in fact a real gangster group.


Recently I started watching Wolf Hall, a BBC drama. I like BBC dramas much and this one did not disappointed me as well.
It is about Thomas Cromwell, a famous advocate during Henry Tudor dynasty.
I very much like the story telling, casting and the music. Especially Mark Dylance’s performance worths mentioning. I am sorry I did not meet him before.

And Thomas More, whom I know from my city planning education as the author of Utopia.. I had knew him almost this much and Wolf Hall literally enlightened me about his life story.
He was arrested on treason and then was executed by decapitation.!!!!!!! Main theme of Part 4 was that story which made me feel sorrow. Anton Lesser’s performance is great.

And Bernard Hill whom I know from LOTR plays Uncle of Anne Boleyn.

I did not finish watching all so I will come to Thomas Cromwell later on another post.

Photo credit: BBC

Mr Selfridge

What 4th season of the Tv series made me think on:
WWI and afterwards period.. Soldiers are back from the war and want their jobs back. Yet they are occupied by female workers now. 

Social and physical conflicts between them:( 

Being a soldier and witnessing the war made people change. 

It is forbidden to sell drinks in pubs bars etc after 21:30 in England!

Women did not have the right to vote!
What I love about Mr Selfridge:

Gives Jobs on merit ( at least principally)

Rewardes hard work 
Always on the side of female workers

Always open to new ideas 

Real Entrepreneur (now thinks on aviation)

A good observer and problem solver ( now develops housing estates)

Grey’s Anatomy

I recently have time to watch some of the recent episodes of acclaimed TV show, Grey’s Anatomy. I found it quite successful and very much affected by the death of Dr. Shepherd. His inner voice telling the “almost amateur” doctors what should actually be done instead of what they were currently doing was impressive.

One of the difficulties-challenges- of being a doctor: you learn by doing and in the process, sadly but, many lives can end.

Here is a link I came across about why the author killed him in the show: