My summer mood vs autumn mood

This summer I was not able to go on a long vacation as I was used to have previously. I could only go to Bodrum with my daughter for a five-day vacation. It was fabuluous of course, but the positive effects dissapperared soon after we came back. Even though I had pool days at the weekend here in İstanbul, I still feel tired. Fortunately, we will go on a vacation in the beginning of September. I think, this is gonna be my first sea-beach-sun holiday in September.


I had never been this late in going to summer holiday. It turns out that my mood (or say biological rhythm) starts to fall for “autumn” spirit. This week’s rainy days plus the autumn/winter catalogs of fashion brands I received, I’m kind of feeling in the mood of autumn. NO. NO. NO. I cannot and must not pass on to autumun mood yet. ‘Back to school’ shopping can wait. My fashion enthusiasm for ‘a/w collections’ can wait.


I need first to lay on the beach, have day-long sun bath, swim and surf first.




L’Officiel is definitely my new favorite magazine. I see same categorizations, same photos, same news are given in other fashion magazines. Yet L’Officiel is unique in many aspects. 

Never disappoints me. 

It is not only about fashion, lncludes many inspiring news about design. 

The section on jewellery is  fabuluous. 

Always inspires me, I feel kinda energetic after browsing it.

Balmain X H & M

Benim de begendiklerim vardi

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