Bayram in Istanbul

When there is no traffic issue, you are so beautiful Istanbul ­čÖé

Sak─▒p Sabanc─▒ Museum: Feyhaman Duran and Selim Turan Exhibition


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Morini Restaurant at Zorlu Center


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Prince Islands vies from Fenerbah├že Park


Emaar Aquarium and Underwater Zoo



My summer mood vs autumn mood

This summer I was not able to go on a long vacation as I was used to have previously. I could only go to Bodrum with my daughter for a five-day vacation. It was fabuluous of course, but the positive effects dissapperared soon after we came back. Even though I had pool days at the weekend here in ─░stanbul, I still feel tired. Fortunately, we will go on a vacation in the beginning of September. I think, this is gonna be my first sea-beach-sun holiday in September.


I had never been this late in going to summer holiday. It turns out that my mood (or say biological rhythm) starts to fall for “autumn” spirit. This┬áweek’s rainy days plus the autumn/winter catalogs of fashion brands I received, I’m kind of feeling in the mood of autumn. NO. NO. NO. I cannot and must not pass on to autumun mood yet. ‘Back to school’ shopping can wait. My fashion enthusiasm for ‘a/w collections’ can wait.


I need first to lay on the beach, have day-long sun bath, swim and surf first.


This summer

Last year  we went to Fethiye for our summer holiday. After we returned I had written three posts on


on Fethiye vs Bodrum:

on If I go to Fethiye again:


and now it turns out that we are going to Fethiye again. This time to so called best family-friendly hotel in Turkey: Hillside Beach Club. So, I can check number 1 item on the list. ­čÖé But it seems we will not be ┬áhaving a blue cruise.

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Yal─▒kavak is one of the most beautiful regions of Bodrum-well-known touristic destination located in the Aegean Coast of Turkey. We have been going to Yal─▒kavak for 10 successive years for our summer holidays. Humidity is low, breeze always cool you down and the sea is Aegean blue with lots of fish swimming with you.

There was also the third marina of Bodrum located in the center of Yalıkavak which we loved deeply! No exaggaration, I adored that Marina. With Mozart cafe, cozy fish restaurants, orangish lightings, palm trees, boutiques and small design shops, it was like somewhere out of this world. Very unique, relaxing, and  peaceful. I wished no one learns and finds out that lovely place.

Recently the owner and the management of the marina changed. I havent seen it since and was wondering a lot. Now comes my first impressions: I was surprised to see a shopping mall like horizontal building almost parallel to the ┬ácoast line including stores and restaurants which we already know from luxurious shopping malls of ─░stanbul. Cook shop, Happy moons, Beymen, Kom┼ču F─▒r─▒n, Mezzaluna, Nusr-et, Pioppo, G├╝nayd─▒n, Starbucks, Cold Stone, Mudo, Yarg─▒c─▒, Brandroom, Vakkorama etc. ┬áI could not believe it was a work of one of my favorite architects, Emre Arolat. ┬áThe new marina was congested, lacking open and public spaces, and made you feel stuck. I know that Bodrum is popular among Istanbulite tourists*, but there was no need to turn that cozy marina into an ordinary shopping mall.


And yet, the sunset view is still there. Breeze coming from the deep blue sea accompanies you. I still like the marina, although I would definitely prefer the initial one.

*My idea is that people from Ankara go to either Mediterranean (Antalya and surrounings) or Aegean coasts (Bodrum) easily which are both less than 500 km. Istanbulietes however are far away (more than 700 km) from both coastal regions (Bodrum and Antalya, Bodrum being the closer one). In Bodrum sellers tell me that they work for ─░stanbul market:) which shows the primary target group is Istanbulites.

To do list in 2016

Making plans keep me motivated. Preparing this list makes me feel all is going to be true in the coming year. 

To have dinner (quail meat) and dessert (mille-feuille) at Nicole Restaurant, in Beyoglu

To purchase matte red rouge ( YSL most probably)

To plan another trip to Scandinavia 

Norway? Lofoten Opera Hotel? 


To visit sis E in NYC with D and G

To purchase Nigella’s knife set from with animal prints from

To re-register D to mini- ballet classes 

To have more Mother-daughter activities and trips 

To go to Canary islands or Sicily for summer holiday

To purchase a house in Bodrum (this is more like a wish of course!)

To spend more family time for leisure activities like concerts, sport activities ( Ulker Sports Arena of Fenerbahce is just 5 minutes to us), etc

To spend summer vacation (2) in Bodrum Mandarin Hotel and visit Kos island

To have more pilates in my life

To eat healthier and greener

To start skiing again

To read more on world history: everything we talk today stems from history

To read ( not only watch) Sherlock – of course in English!

To spend more time on my blogs

To start my dream job in design and fashion